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Gabon Special Economic Zone

Gabon | Special Economic Zone

about GSEZ

Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ) SA springs from a public-private partnership venture between Arise IIP and the Gabonese Republic (CDC) signed in March 2010. GSEZ was set up to foster local timber processing, industrial production, and the sustainable use of Gabon's natural reseources, primarily timber, for local and export markets.

It allows local and international investors to establish themselves and set up locally thanks to a unique administrative and fiscal status. The industrial zone is divided into three sectors: industrial, commercial and residential. Located in Nkok town, 27 km from the capital, Libreville, GSEZ can be reached by road, rail,and riverboat traffic. It also has a loading platform for loading barges for direct connections with the port city of Owendo.

Gabon Special Economic Zone is fast emerging as the West Central Africa's manufacturing hub and entrepreneurs from across the globe are welcome to benefit from the business opportunities unlocked by Nkok SEZ. It was awarded Best Economic Zones for Wood Production in 2020 in the Financial Times FDI Intelligence ranking. Today GSEZ includes: 144 investors from 16 different nations and operating in 22 industrial sectors.

1126 ha

Zone Area

1.7 Bn

FDIs Generated



GSEZ investment sectors
GSEZ investment opportunities
why invest in GSEZ?

Business Ease & Ownership Advantages

  • Modern infrastructure with multiple access options to the site: roads, quay, railway,                  
  • Subsidized electricity, compared to the rates in force outside SEZ
  • Relaxed and flexible labour law 
  • SEZ conceptualized to offer combined work-life-play environment

Fiscal Incentives For Businesses

  • 0% Corporate income tax
  • Exemption from custom duty on import of equipment and machinery for industries
  • 0% property tax
  • 100% repartition of capital and profits

Our clients

GSEZ-Century Ply GSEZ-Chanta GSEZ-Green Ply GSEZ-GWI - Gabon Wood Industries GSEZ-L7H LIFE RESOURCES GSEZ-Somivab

Visions & testimonials

Joseph Owondault Berre
Vice-President of the Gabonese

Joseph Owondault Berre

Everything is in place within the Nkok SIZ to foster high-quality projects and achievements. This Zone is a tool for promoting Gabon's expertise. It was a truly memorable visit.

Evariste Ndayisimiye
President of the Republic of Burundi

Evariste Ndayisimiye

GSEZ is an example in the transformation of natural resources.

Raymond Ndong Sima
Prime Minister, Head of Government- Gabonese

Raymond Ndong Sima

Together, let's build our future by increasing our production capacity and exploring innovative avenues to maintain our position of choice on the international market.

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June 6, 2024

Major step for the preservation of biodiversity in Gabon

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Gabon Ministers Explore Pharma, Wood Processing and Vocational Training Sectors at Nkok SEZ

June 6, 2024

Gabon Ministers Explore Pharma, Wood Processing and Vocational Training Sectors at Nkok SEZ

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