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About Africa for Investors (AFI)

Africa for Investors (AFI) is a unique portal designed to connect global investors and the business community with the vast opportunities available in Africa. With a population of 1.2 billion, Africa offers a substantial consumer market. The continent is home to 30% of the world's mineral reserves, with some minerals exceeding 90% of global reserves. From abundant mineral resources to rich agricultural produce, Africa presents a wealth of opportunities for investment.


Despite its resources, Africa remains at the lower end of the global value chain, with its share of global manufacturing at just 1.9 percent. However, the continent's 62% import rate highlights a significant gap in manufacturing, indicating a ripe opportunity for growth and development. AFI aims to bridge this gap by curating various business opportunities across the continent for global investors. The portal is designed to be dynamic and user-friendly, providing an easy navigation experience for users.


Africa for Investors is your gateway to unlocking the vast potential of Africa's markets and resources, facilitating informed investment and sustainable growth. Join us at and subscribe today to receive relevant opportunity announcements and information.

AFI Key features

User-Friendly Navigation: Effortlessly explore opportunities across various sectors.

Search Functionality: Find opportunities by country, sector, or specific business.

Comparison Tools: Easily compare different business opportunities.

Expert Connectivity: Quickly connect with industry experts.

Informative Collaterals: Download detailed and informative resources.

AFI unique services
Expert Guidance
Sectoral and country experts provide insights to guide business decisions
Customized Consulting
Professional business plans and consulting services to support informed decision-making
Verified Listings
Access a verified listing of projects to ensure reliable opportunities
Trusted Partnerships
Collaborate with trusted local partners
Project Financing
Secure financing through trusted financial institutions
ESG Solutions
Access services and solutions for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices in your business operations and planning
Business Operation Solutions
Avail product testing, inspection, and certification services to ensure quality and compliance

Africa for Investors (AFI) is an ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms (ARISE IIP) initiative. ARISE designs, finances, conceives and operates industrial ecosystems across Africa. Together, we identify industrial gaps in African countries and design tailor-made solutions to enable the sustainable and local transformation of raw materials, boost exports, and promote trade.


All of our industrial ecosystem zones include world-class integrated logistics services ensuring greater competitiveness. Through our industrial hubs, we seek to contribute to the development of more competitive economies and more equitable societies for tomorrow, helping achieve greater income equality in Africa.

Our clients

PIA-Togo-Star Garment - A Komar Company Vivace Group - Donsen Alu ZIC-JG Group - Five Element Industry Limited ZIC-Sonata Agri International Ltd PIA Togo SPER PIA Togo Huasha Company PIA Togo Nutrisource PIA Togo Odil Logo PIA Togo R-Logistic PIA Togo Star Garments PIA Togo Van Vliet Automotive Togo Wood Industries & Log Yard Rwanda-Afroturk Rwanda-Almaha Industry Rwanda-Enviroserve Rwanda-Mahwi Grain Rwanda-MaterialBankRwanda Rwanda-MingYang Papers Rwanda-OCP AFRICA Togo Organics Togo Soja PIA Togo Vivace Group
GSEZ-Century Ply PIA-Togo-Spiro PIA Togo BB logo PIA Togo- Calafi PIA Togo- Cameg PIA CMDT PIA General & Dop Cosmetics PIA General & DOP Industrie PIA ST2A PIC Sequoia ROC- STB Congo PIA-Togo-Nutrisource PTE DRC_PIA-plus-Rwanda-Togo-FHC Medica PIA-Togo-JCEM Groupe GSEZ-Chanta GSEZ-Green Ply GSEZ-GWI - Gabon Wood Industries GSEZ-L7H LIFE RESOURCES GSEZ-Somivab PIA-Togo-Atime SA PIA-Togo-Ba & Be Consortium (Bawason) PIA-Togo-Brilliant Industry Togo PIA-Togo-Castel Groupe PIA-Togo-Dongaco Togo SA ROC- X Oil

Visions & testimonials

Denis Sassou N’Guesso
President of Republic of Congo

Denis Sassou N’Guesso

The 2021-2026 Social project of the Republic of Congo is focused on the industrialization of the country. The implementation of this ambitious plan – to structurally transform our economy – is based on the development of four existing special economic zones (SEZs), including: Pointe-Noire, Brazzavi...

Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso
Minister for International Cooperation & PPPs

Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso

At the dawn of the opening of the continental free trade zone, our country located in the heart of Africa must be a strategic hub for production, processing and distribution. It is in this perspective that the government of the Republic of Congo has decided to trust the ARISE group to ensure the dev...

Jean-Marc Thystere Tchicaya
Minister of SEZs & Economic Diversification

Jean-Marc Thystere Tchicaya

We welcome the partnership with the Arise IIP Group which, through the Industrial Platforms of Congo Pointe-Noire (PICP), is working hard to, in particular, make the Special Economic Zone of Pointe-Noire operational which, on relying on sectors with high growth potential, will become the driving for...

Patrice Talon
President of the Republic of Benin

Patrice Talon

We have adopted a law to promote Special Economic Zones and the first Industrial Zone in Glo-Djigbé is fully operational and already welcoming investors. Benin's ambition is to become an industrial hub for the transformation of agricultural products such as cashew, cotton, shea butter, pineapple, s...

Gaston Dossouhoui
Minister-Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries

Gaston Dossouhoui

Benin is entering an important phase in its history, that of going far with serious project leaders who will process raw materials and create jobs for young Beninese. These factories remain a safe destination for our raw materials and a prerequisite for increasing our agricultural production.

Michael Derus
Ambassador of Germany to Benin

Michael Derus

It’s truIy impressive ! I was very pleased to return to GDIZ. My last visit was less than a year ago and I’m very impressed by the swift development I have seen, particularly in the Garment Training Center (GTC). The Zone has a great potential for international development.

Dr Akinwumi Adesina
President of African Development Bank (AFDB)

Dr Akinwumi Adesina

I am impressed by the scope of Glo-Djigbé Industrial Zone (GDIZ). It will contribute to the industrialization of Benin by promoting the local transformation of Benin’s natural resources (cotton, cashew nuts, pineapples and others) and the creation of jobs for Benin’s youth. Congratulations to the Pr...

Arnaud Floris
Coordinator Africa- BPI France

Arnaud Floris

Glo-Djigbé Industrial Zone (GDIZ) reflects Benin's boldness and innovation: an inspiration for African countries with its immense potential for industrial development. We are committed to support, co-finance and co-invest in agribusiness projects, as a demonstration of our faith in Benin's vision an...

Joseph Owondault Berre
Vice-President of the Gabonese

Joseph Owondault Berre

Everything is in place within the Nkok SIZ to foster high-quality projects and achievements. This Zone is a tool for promoting Gabon's expertise. It was a truly memorable visit.

Evariste Ndayisimiye
President of the Republic of Burundi

Evariste Ndayisimiye

GSEZ is an example in the transformation of natural resources.

Raymond Ndong Sima
Prime Minister, Head of Government- Gabonese

Raymond Ndong Sima

Together, let's build our future by increasing our production capacity and exploring innovative avenues to maintain our position of choice on the international market.


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